Life Update: June 24, 2017

Hello all! It’s been literally two weeks since I posted anything. I’m sorry about that. I just wasn’t very motivated to write for the blog, and I’ve been anxious about finding a job. I have had several promising interviews, so let’s hope I find something soon.

I have been posting videos over on my YouTube channel, the most recent one being a review of Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. I meant to also post written reviews here, but obviously that didn’t happen in this case. If you enjoy bookish videos, feel free to check out the channel.

I also enjoy Tumblr and I run this blog dedicated to all things period drama and fantasy. I enjoy making edits and gifs for it. So, again, if you’re into that, feel free to check that out.

Other than that, I’ve been playing video games and reading. Not much else to report on, honestly. It’s almost the end of the month, so at the beginning of July I’ll have several new posts coming. I love the beginnings of things.


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