Life Update: July 2, 2017

Hello all! Once again, I haven’t really been around. But I have good news: I got a job! It’s a part-time job, 25 hours per week, but maybe the hours will increase in the future. Maybe it will even develop into a full-time position in the future.

The reason I haven’t been around is because I’ve been very slumpy due to Ready Player One. I DNF’d the book, and I explain why in my June Wrap Up video on YouTube. My mental health has also not been at its best. I’ve just felt drained. On top of that, my dad’s car broke down, so I had to help him almost everyday.

Additionally, this job… I’m happy to have a job. This one is at a bank, and I wanted a job in college administration. I’ve accepted the job and interviewed for the job because I need the money, but now I’m not sure what to do. Do I keep applying to college admin jobs? Should I wait a while – like six months – and then keep applying? Should I just stick with working at the bank?

The thing is, I don’t care that much what my job is. I care about the job not being mentally draining. I suffer from a lot of anxiety and depression, and in the past I’ve had jobs that were horrible for me.

What I want is to be a writer. I want to have a job that can pay my bills while I try to write. There’s a book called Real Artists Have Day Jobs: (And Other Awesome Things They Don’t Teach You in School) by Sara Benincasa that I really want to read. Maybe it’ll provide some insight. I’m not sure.

So it’s just been a depressing, draining, hot week, even though I’m happy I got a job. I start in mid-July and I hope it goes well.


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