Author: Allison

Life Update: August 27, 2017

It’s been a few weeks, but things have been going well! I’ve been working and saving up money for the security deposit/new furnishings. We now have enough for the deposit, and we’re going to go pay it on Tuesday.

I’ve been filming some clips for a moving vlog and put together part one already. You can watch it below. I talk about a bunch of things that have been going on recently.

Once I’m moved and settled and have internet, I’m hoping I’ll have time to update this blog for frequently, and with other types of posts!

Please continue to share and donate to the GoFundMe! We’re going to need a lot of furnishings. We’ve also created an Amazon Wishlist of the things we need in case you’d like to buy something physical. Thank you!


Life Update: August 5, 2017

Hello all! I didn’t have time to post last week, but I have some big news: We got an apartment!

I don’t have any pictures of my own, but these are the ones from the agency.

I am SO EXCITED to move, which will happen September 1.

Other than doing LOTS of cleaning and packing, I’ve been working five days a week. I haven’t been spending much time reading or writing at all, if any. Plus, all my books are packed away now. I feel like I’m in a kind of limbo for the month of August and life will resume once I move.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated and shared the GoFundMe! We have yet to reach our goal, though. While we’re saving our money for the security deposit, any help you can give is still needed and greatly appreciated as we will also have a number of moving expenses. Additionally, there are so many things we don’t have that we’ll need to purchase once we move – beds, kitchen appliances, lamps, curtains, cleaning supplies, etc.

If you can, please consider donating. Sharing the GoFundMe is also needed and appreciated!

Help Us Leave An Abusive Home

Life Update: July 22, 2017

Hello all! I don’t have too much to update you on as I am focused on moving into my own apartment. Our GoFundMe is still going, so if you could pretty please consider donating and sharing, I would greatly appreciate it. Sharing on any social media – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – would be so amazing. Thank you!

Help Us Leave An Abusive Home

We have our first showing this Monday. Hopefully it will go well.

I started my new job this past week as well, and while it was mostly training at a different location, I am very excited about the job.

As far as reading goes, I haven’t been getting much reading done. I am currently reading two books – The Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende and Girls Will Be Girls by Emer O’Toole. However, I go most days without reading. So far this month I’ve only finished one little novella.

I’m hopeful next month will be better for lots of reasons!

Life Update: July 15, 2017

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that my sister and I are doing better. We have more hope for the future. We’ve raised over $1500 now and that is so amazing to us. But not only that. We’ve had so many people send us messages and share the GoFundMe. We are encouraged by all of you who have been so kind. For both of us, our mental health has improved immensely because we have hope.

I start my new job this Monday, and hopefully after a few weeks, we’ll be able to move. Please keep sharing the fundraiser, especially on Facebook. Apparently, that’s where it can be most effective. But Twitter and Tumblr are extremely useful as well. Thank you so much!

Help Us Leave An Abusive Home

IMPORTANT Life Update: July 11, 2017

Hello all! I don’t have too much to report on here except to say my living situation is really becoming unsustainable. I don’t think I’ve touched on this in the past, but I live with my family and my depression and anxiety are worse because of it. A few days ago, my sister and I created a GoFundMe to help us get out of here. Please consider donating, and if you can or can’t, please please please share it around social media (especially Facebook and Twitter). The more shares, the more it will help us.

Help Us Leave An Abusive Home

We’ve raised $900 of our $3000 goal, and every little bit truly helps. Thank you so much.

I also created a video where I talked about this.

Summer 2017 Reading Plans


At the beginning of 2017, I came up with Seasonal Reading Plans. These are guidelines for me that I would like to hit over the course of three months, rather than a rigid list of books I have to get to. However, since I started in January, the seasons are a little misaligned. So for this season – summer – I’m only planning for two months: July and August.

I’ve been in a bit of a slump recently and I’ll be starting a new job in July, so this season will have very simple goals.

  1. Read 2 to 3 books per month minimum.
  2. Focus on NetGalley middle-grade books.
  3. Finish the Lord of the Rings series on audiobook.
  4. Don’t pile on a bunch of “currently reading” books. Focus on 1 or 2 books at a time.

Life Update: July 2, 2017

Hello all! Once again, I haven’t really been around. But I have good news: I got a job! It’s a part-time job, 25 hours per week, but maybe the hours will increase in the future. Maybe it will even develop into a full-time position in the future.

The reason I haven’t been around is because I’ve been very slumpy due to Ready Player One. I DNF’d the book, and I explain why in my June Wrap Up video on YouTube. My mental health has also not been at its best. I’ve just felt drained. On top of that, my dad’s car broke down, so I had to help him almost everyday.

Additionally, this job… I’m happy to have a job. This one is at a bank, and I wanted a job in college administration. I’ve accepted the job and interviewed for the job because I need the money, but now I’m not sure what to do. Do I keep applying to college admin jobs? Should I wait a while – like six months – and then keep applying? Should I just stick with working at the bank?

The thing is, I don’t care that much what my job is. I care about the job not being mentally draining. I suffer from a lot of anxiety and depression, and in the past I’ve had jobs that were horrible for me.

What I want is to be a writer. I want to have a job that can pay my bills while I try to write. There’s a book called Real Artists Have Day Jobs: (And Other Awesome Things They Don’t Teach You in School) by Sara Benincasa that I really want to read. Maybe it’ll provide some insight. I’m not sure.

So it’s just been a depressing, draining, hot week, even though I’m happy I got a job. I start in mid-July and I hope it goes well.